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  • CardWare 7.0

    Complete solution for hot-swap support of PC Cards in different OS.

    • Includes Card and Socket Services, compliant with latest PC Card Standard.
    • Includes set of enablers for all common card types
    • Nice User Interface and extensive online help system
  • Point Enablers for DOS

    Small, but efficient DOS enablers for different mass storage devices

    • Ideal solution for Backup your computer
    • Support both: Norton Ghost and Power Quest Drive Image
    • Support MS DOS 6.22 and 7.00, multiple partitions and much more...
  • Tools and Utilities

    Set of powerful engineering tools designed for advanced software and hardware development.

  • Services

    Consulting in area of PCI, ACPI, DMI, PCMCIA, CardBus, ExpressCard, USB, 1394, Bluetooth, SmartCards.

    Windows Driver development. Security software development. Customer projects development.

    Need to develop a non-standard device driver? Specific hardware to support? Please drop us a line.


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What is new?


Attention! Users of 64-bit versions of Windows Vista and Windows 7!


Prior to install our products, please make sure that you installed Microsoft Update for support of SHA-256 digital signatures. Please refer to our support article "Windows 7 x64 or Windows Vista x64 claims that APSoft driver is not digitally signed" for details.