Our customer wrote:
I am trying to modify the data in the section "OEM strings". The string I want to modify is visible in the "String Table" view, and in the "Dump" view, but not in the "Data Fields" view, as one might expect. Is there a way to display OEM string in the "Data Fields view"?
The "Data Fields" view shows fixed data fields defined by DMI standard for Type 11 structure. The string itself is not a part of defined structure.

As long as you have one and only one OEM string in this structure, you can use following trick for display string contents in "Data Fields" view:

  1. Choose Tools->Edit DMI Object Description. The DMI.INF will be open in notepad
  2. Locate description of OEM Strings (type 11)
  3. Replace existing definition
              Field "Count"                           // Number of strings
                  Type    Byte
              Field "String 1"
                  Type    String
  4. Save DMI.INF
  5. Restart DMIScope

Please consider:

  1. This trick will work as long as you have only one OEM string.
  2. You can modify only data shown in Tools->Write SMBIOS Data... dialog and only if your PC supports persistent write via DMI Interface. DMI Write test will find all fields marked as writeable.