Tools and Utilities Troubleshooting

Problems of PCIScope

  1. System hangs during detection phase.
  2. PCIScope doesn't recognize specific card by name.
  3. PCIScope doesn't recognize vendor-specific registers of specific card
  4. How to uninstall PCIScope manually?
  5. Why PCIScope doesn't read Option ROM of some PCI devices?
  6. VBScript generates error 0x800A0006 (Overflow) on call of PCIScope functions.

Problems of IRPTrace

  1. How to uninstall IRPTrace manually?

Problems of DMIScope

  1. How to uninstall DMIScope manually?
  2. Is there a way to display OEM string in the "Data Fields view"?
  3. Why write test shows that field can be modified, but when I try to modify field, an error 87h is returned?
  4. Why DMIScope hangs on write operation on x64 Windows, but works fine on x86 Windows on the same platform?

Problems of ACPIScope

  1. How to uninstall ACPIScope manually?
  2. Under what conditions does Windows Device Manager not display a device although ACPI says that the device is there and should be shown in the GUI?
  3. Why ACPIScope displays message "ACPI driver is not started"
  4. Why ACPIScope displace "Enable Device" button for some of my devices and doesn't display for others.

Problems of specific hardware

  1. A 64-Bit Windows running on the systems with BIOS from American Megatrends Inc.