How to get technical support for PCI FireWire (IEEE-1394) Enabler for DOS

Please send an e-mail in English (we cannot process technical support questions on any other language) to technical support.
In your request please specify:
  1. Enabler version exactly as it appears on your screen.
  2. Where and when did you bought your version, your serial number.
  3. Description of your problem.
  4. If problem is related with particular card please specify the card name and manufacturer exactly as it appears on the card.
Please attach to your e-mail following files:
  1. Please run PCI FireWire (IEEE-1394) Enabler for DOS with /ID /V+:filename switch (plus all parameters you normally use), capture the output to the file and attach it to your e-mail. E.g.

    C:\>FWMass /ID /V+:LOG.TXT

  2. Your CONFIG.SYS.
  4. Enabler initialization file if one exists.

Attention! Do not include text of required files in your e-mail. All support files should be attached. We will not process support requests without files listed above or with content of such files included into e-mail text.