How to get technical support for CardWare 7.0 for Windows 98/ME

Please send an e-mail in English (we cannot process technical support questions on any other language) to technical support.
In your request please specify:
  1. CardWare version exactly as it appears in the README.TXT located in CardWare installation directory (default: C:\Program Files\APSoft\CardWare).
  2. Where and when did you bought your version, your serial number.
  3. Description of your problem.
  4. If problem is related with particular card please specify the card name and manufacturer exactly as it appears on the card.
  5. If you have troubles with card drivers please specify an exact driver version and URL where you got the driver.
  6. In order to help you collect technical information about your computer, APSoft designed a specialized PC analyzer: the PCScope.

    Attention! You should run PCScope ONLY from User Account with administrative privileges!

    If you are working on Windows 98/ME computer where CardWare 7.0 is installed, please click here to execute PCScope. From following dialog, please select "Open" option.

    Please be patient. The PCScope size is approximately 2.6 MB.

    After PCScope is started, please follow instructions on the screen. By end of the execution, PCScope will create file C:\CWSUPRT.REP in root of your disk C:\. Please attach this file to your support request.

    Alternatively, you can collect required technical info manually as described in following section. If you created and attached CWSUPRT.REP to your e-mail, please ignore following section.

Please attach to your e-mail following files:
  1. Please run REGEDIT and save the following keys:

    After launching the REGEDIT please perform the following steps for each key:

    Change to the key. Then select command "Export Registry File..." from Registry menu, create a text file (e.g. pcmcia.txt, pci.txt, scsi.txt accordingly) and provide these files with your e-mail as an attachment.

  2. Please, find in your installation directory (e.g. C:\Program Files\APSoft\CardWare) CW7.LOG and CW7.OLD files (if they are exist) and provide these files with your e-mail as an attachment.
  3. If you have problem with ATA, FLASH or SRAM card, please insert the card in the socket 0, execute PCDISK /DI:0 command, redirect output to the file and include this file with your mail as an attachment.
    E.g. C:\Program Files\APSoft\CardWare\PCDISK /DI:0 > pcdisk.txt 

Attention! Do not include text of required files in your e-mail. All support files should be attached. We will not process support requests without files listed above or with content of such files included into e-mail text.