Compatibility with Acronics Backup 12.0.3602
Synopsis: We noticed following problems in the scenario when user installs Acronics Backup 12.0.3602 on the computer with CardWare installed.
  1. Acronics Setup returns an error.
  2. Operating system reports that registry is corrupted.
  3. After deinstallation of CardWare, system restart fails.
Reason: CardWare memory cards support needs to filter access to disk drives in order to redirect system calls to the proper PCMCIA card. However, PCMCIA cards may be not used on the system all the time.
For this reason, instead of modifying the list of Disk class UpperFilters value in the registry, CardWare add his memory card driver (CwMem2k.sys or CwMem2k64.sys) in the list of UpperFilters virtually and only when it is required.

Acronics Setup see the difference between value of UpperFilters reported by the system and written in the registry and tries to write value back to registry. This process is done in cycle and, as result, registry is corrupted.

Furthermore, Acronics Setup adds CardWare filter in some other keys (e.g. into value of UpperFilters for the Volume class). Of course, CardWare deinstallation procedure know nothing about; and, therefore, will not remove it on deinstall. As result, after CardWare deinstallation, Windows OS will not start.

Solution: We implemented specific work-around for Acronics Setup. Please use CardWare 7.00.025 or later version for Windows 10/8.x/7/Vista and Server 2008/2012.

We do not plan implement the same work-around in CardWare 7.0 for Windows 2000/XP and Server 2003.

For all Operating systems, however, we recommend to install Acronics Setup prior to CardWare installation since we cannot guarantee that Acronics will not introduce more problems in further releases of Acronics software.