CardWare for Windows NT 4.0 does not bind the ZCom Wireless LAN adapter with the appropriate driver, saying that the PC Card database has no entry for such device. However, there is an entry in the database named 'Z-Com LANEscape/XI-325'.
Reason: Microsoft placed database of supported PCMCIA cards at HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\PCMCIA\DataBase. Drivers are mapped by using Manufacturer name and Product name inside of this database. PCMCIA software (Microsoft's own or our) takes manufacturer name and product name from Card CIS (Card Information Structure) and uses both strings as keys in database.

ZCom Wireless LAN adapter is apparently defined by following entry in database:

      Driver          REG_SZ      "XI325"
      DeviceType      REG_SZ      "NET"
      InfFileName     REG_SZ      "WLAN_NT.inf"
      Option          REG_SZ      "WLAN_PCMCIA"
      InterruptNumber REG_DWORD   00000007
      IoBaseAddress   REG_DWORD   00000300
      IoLength        REG_DWORD   0000003f
      PortWidth16     REG_DWORD   00000001
      Vcc             REG_DWORD   00000032
      Vpp1            REG_DWORD   00000032
      Vpp2            REG_DWORD   00000032

But CIS of some particular cards may report Manufacturer and Product String as "IEEE 802.11 Wireless LAN/PC Card" instead of Expected "Z-Com LANEscape/XI-325".

  1. Start PCCARD.EXE from CardWare Group
  2. In menu Options change user level to Expert
  3. Insert your card
  4. From Cards menu choose "Add Card to Database"
  5. In next dialog fill all of above settings

At any step you can press F1 for get detailed help.

Above operation will create a duplicated entry in your database, through which CardWare will bind the device with the appropriate driver.