Erase/Programming of some Common Flash Interface (CFI) cards

It was found that some Common Flash Interface (CFI) Cards report 'Programming Vpp' requirement incorrectly. For example the Fagor Automation CFI card claims Programming Vpp of 0 Volts (see CFI information here). In fact card cannot be erased or written at Vpp = 0V: operation fails with the Write State Machine (WSM) reporting 'Low Vpp' condition. Such card works fine with Vpp = 5V.

CardWare for DOS/Windows 3.x, CardWare for Windows NT4 and CardWare Client for Windows 2000/XP support 'Low Vpp' status of WSM and automatically increase Programming Vpp up to 5V. This operation is transparent for user, since after increase of Programming Vpp, CardWare automatically retries the failed operation.