CardWare with Identicator Technologies Inc, Fingerprint Card.

CardWare for Windows NT is fully compatible with Identicator Technologies Inc, Fingerprint Card. However user should keep in mind two peculiarities:

  1. When computer starts without Fingerprint card inserted an error message will be displayed.

    "The Biologon Security System determines that the fingerprint reader does not function properly." You can safely ignore this message. The same error message will be displayed if you invoke Biologon Security applet in Control Panel when card is not inserted.

  2. Resource allocation.

    The driver setup program (Biologon Security System 2.03) doesn't allow select resources. By default card will be using Memory range 0xD0000 - 0xD0FFF, I/O range 0x200 - 0x201 and IRQ 5. This set of resources represents a potential problem. The I/O port 0x200 has a good chance to conflict with joystick devices and memory range 0xD0000 - 0xD0FFF is shadowed on many Dell notebooks.

    You may change allocated resource set by invoking Biologon Security applet from Control Panel, switching to "Providers" applet, selecting your card in the installed components list and clicking Properties button. In newly open "Fingerprint Reader Properties window" click of "Configure..." button.