CardWare with Madge Networks Ltd. CardBus Token Ring cards

CardWare is fully compatible with Madge CardBus cards. However you should keep in mind few peculiarities.

  1. Build-in CardBus Enabler.

    Native Windows NT 4.0 doesn't support CardBus. Therefore Madge driver is shipped with build-in CardBus Enabler. The setup procedure of Madge driver MDGNDIS4 will enable installer if no third party PC Card support is installed. Unfortunately setup procedure detect installed software by presence of certain keys in registry. Particularly for CardWare setup looks for key Award Software\CardWare in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software tree. CardWare setup creates this key especially for Madge support starting from version 6.00.033. If you are using earlier version of CardWare you need to create this key manually prior to the installation of Madge drivers.

    If you install CardWare after Madge CardBus card, please switch built-in enabler off. For doing this please:

    • Run REGEDT32 and locate HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\Services\CurrentControlSet\MDGNDIS4
    • Open Linkage subkey.
    • Write down value of Bind (e.g. MDGNDIS42)
    • Locate HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\Services\CurrentControlSet\Bind (e.g. HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\Services\CurrentControlSet\MDGNDIS42
    • Open Parameters subkey
    • Delete value PCCardEnabler REG_DWORD 0x1 (or turn it to 0)

    If built-in enabler is not disabled, the CardBus controller will be reprogrammed and no other PC Card 16 or CardBus card will be supported.

  2. Incorrect CIS.

    It was found that CIS of several Madge Token Ring cards doesn't specify that card is Bus Master. CardWare handles this problem starting from version 6.00.033. If you are using earlier version of CardWare you may need to add corresponding CardWare override to the PC Card database manually. For doing this please:

    • Run PCCARD control for Windows from CardWare group in the Start menu
    • Via menu Options change User Level to Expert
    • Via menu Options choose PC Card Database.
    • Make sure that checkbox "Show card configuration information" is checked in open "PCCard database management" dialog
    • Select your card in the main dialog window
    • In Card configuration information window click on Add button
    • Add "BusMuster" override and set it to 1.
  3. Blue Screen of Death or Unable to load driver on Card Insertion.

    Madge CardBus card is not connected to the Token Ring hub prior to card insertion, you may get Blue Screen of Death during the load. Alternatively you may receive CardWare message "Unable to load driver MDGNDIS4". This is not a CardWare problem, but problem of the Madge drive MDGNDIS4 (tested version: 6.06). During execution of MadgeStartAdapter request the card driver tries to connect to the hub. If you are not connected this function will return failure and calling function MadgeInitialize generates Blue Screen of Death or return failure (depending from the host PC).

    If card remains connected to the Token Ring hub driver works properly and you can hot-swap Madge cards as any other LAN card.