CardWare with Adaptec APA 1480 card

Adaptec APA1480 card is fully compatible with CardWare. However NT produces "blue screen" when Adaptec driver APA1480 loads (Tested driver APA1480.SYS. Version 1.00, Adaptec 1480/1480A SCSI miniport. Copyright Adaptec, Inc, April 3, 1998. Size 44,480 bytes).

The reason of the problem is following: Adaptec driver acts as Card Services client. Due to the bug in the AIC78XXFindAdapter routine driver is not able to identify card properly via Card Services. For this reason driver terminates, but do not deregister Card Services client. As result, the next Card Services callback produces the page fault. This is entirely problem with Adaptec driver. CardWare team several times reported this problem to Adaptec technical support. Few years ago Adaptec made available version V1.00S1 of their driver. This version is free of described bug and allow card to work properly.