CardWare with 3COM CardBus cards

Many of 3COM CardBus card drivers are not compatible with CardWare. CardWare will recognize and configure 3COM CardBus cards. However 3COM choose to ship their cards with direct enabler embedded into NDIS driver. This direct enabler reprograms CardBus bridge and therefore destroy proper function of any other card. This is entirely problem with 3COM driver. If the direct enabler is disabled, cards work fine. CardWare team several times reported this problem to 3COM.

The last point to mention: the CIS (Card Information Structure) included on 3COM CardBus cards usually describes resource requirements incorrectly. For example, 3C575A card claims Vpp=5.0V (nonsense: all CardBus cards are 3.3V cards by definition). Another example: 3CCFEM656B-MDM claims that memory BAR size is 0x1000, but BAR probe shows size 0x80; 3CCFEM656B-LAN doesn't describes option ROM BAR etc. Therefore proper configuration of several 3COM CardBus cards require registry overrides. CardWare setup installs overrides for all cards known to our team.