CardWare with (multiple) ViaSAT PDC cards

CardWare is compatible with ViaSAT PDC cards and ViaSAT eMail (V-Mail) software. However ViaSAT software imposes several limitations on cards functionality:

  1. ViaSAT e-mail setup numbers slots starting from 1. CardWare slot 0 becomes slot 1 etc. Please remember it when you setup ViaSAT e-mail.
  2. ViaSAT cards can work only in slots 0, 1 and 2. This limit is hard-coded inside of ViaSAT driver vspdcnt.sys. Following is code fragment from Card Services Client Callback routine of that driver:
    ; Card Insertion processing starts here
    0008:F4E5CAC2 MOV AX,[ESI+1C]    ; AX -> Socket number.
    0008:F4E5CAC6 CMP AX,0003        ; !!!!Hardcoded limit of 3 !!!!
    0008:F4E5CACA JAE F4E5CB4B       ; Abort processing if socket number is 3 or higher (!)