CardWare with the REX/REX Pro card.

Here is the procedure that I used for dealing with the REX/REX Pro card. These steps mainly outline the configuration of the TrueSynch software that is needed to synchronize the REX card.

Before you start to install TrueSynch software make sure that REX card is properly recognized by CardWare and drive letter is assigned. Then for be sure you can verify CardWare's functionality with the REX card by using PCDISK to copy the card contents to a file using (Please run PCDISK /? for help. You need to use /DF and /RS switches. E.g. PCDISK /DF:mycard /RS:0 - read raw data from card in socket 0 to file mycard.bin).

If above is working please go into the TrueSynch Plus program (This program comes with the REX card or can be downloaded from the corresponding web site).

  1. Click on the Client - Add - Device menu option and select the proper REX card that you have installed (REX or REX Pro)
  2. Click on the Client - Add - Application menu option and select the application that contains the data you want transferred to the REX card (i.e.: Outlook, Schedule or TrueSynch Desktop)

You should now be able to transfer information to and from your REX card.

If you use only TrueSync Information Manager or TrueSync Desktop (without TrueSync Plus) to sync with the REX, you can download an updated copy of TrueSync Desktop for REX that will sync in the PC Slot under NT. To get TrueSync downloads for Rex, please visit the Xircom Support web site Xircom, Inc.

After installing the NT driver, insert the REX in the PC Card slot. Click the REX icon in TrueSync and select PC Card slot from the Connection type drop-down list. Click the TrueSync icon to begin synchronization.

For additional information please check Starfish support site.