System hangs during detection phase.
When you start PCIScope, it collects a lot of information about your system from different sources: information about PCI devices, Multi-processor configuration data, APIC information, ACPI information, Configuration Manager information, etc. Sometimes PCIScope cannot collect information properly. In that case you should:
  1. Locate a file CUSTOM.INI in your PCIScope installation directory and copy it to another directory on your hard drive. This will be a backup copy of CUSTOM.INI.
  2. Open the file CUSTOM.INI, located in the installation directory, with a text editor.
  3. Find section [Options] at the beginning of the file. The comment in the beginning of the [Options] section briefly describes the meaning of each setting. Try to change settings to 0, one by one starting with DetectMP, DetectAPIC, DetectAcpi, etc. If one of those settings resolve the problem please write us which one. We will try to debug the problem.
  4. If option responsible for the problem is DetectPCI, please do following:
    • If PCIScope crashes to the Blue Screen, please send us Kernel Memory Dump collected by your system.
    • If PCIScope hangs, please use PCITool.exe utility located in the PCIScope installation directory. Start your system under DOS w/o any memory manager like HIMEM.SYS / EMM386.EXE, then:
      • Execute pcitool /? for list of available options
      • Execute pcitool /da:Mysystem for collect a file Mysystem.txt
      • Execute pcitool /db:Mysystem for collect a file Mysystem.bpd
      • Send us files Mysystem.txt and Mysystem.bpd zipped together with your support request.

Please notice that many of today's PCI-Express (especially with Broadcom Gigabit Ethernet cards) hang during detection of Option ROM. This happen when an add-on card implements the Option ROM BAR, but neither the Option ROM address space, nor logic to properly abort Read Access to Option ROM memory address space. Generally ROM read transactions need some kind of termination. If termination logic is not implemented, ROM read access can cause NMI.

Therefore if you own one of such systems it makes sense first of all to disable detection of Option ROM.

PCIScope 4.00.001 and prior allows enable/disable the Option ROM detection only system-wide - for all device. APSoft plans to implement enable/disable of Option ROM detection on per-device base in future versions.