Samsung X10 notebook
Most of today's notebooks reserve memory range 0xD0000 - 0xDFFFF for PC Card supports. For this reason, all CardWare versions and all Enablers default to use this address range. Unfortunately Samsung X10 notebook reserves memory range 0xD0000 - 0xD7FFF and 0xDC000 - 0xDFFFF for build-in devices. Therefore CardWare and Enablers will not work with default settings.

For all enablers you should add /M:0xD8000 parameter into command line.

For CardWare for DOS you should change used memory range from default 0xD0000 - 0xD7FFF to range 0xD8000 - 0xDBFFF

  1. First modify MEM setting in the [Resources] section of CardWare.ini from MEM=0xD0000,0x8000,E to MEM=0xD8000,0x4000,E.
  2. Then modify memory range excluded from EMM386.EXE in your config.sys from X=D000-D7FF to X=D800-DBFF. It's very important that memory allocated for CardWare in cardware.ini is entirely excluded from EMM386.EXE.

Please pay attention, that only 16kB of memory is available for CardWare usage. Therefore cards that require more memory may not work on that motebook.

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