How to correctly enter the serial number
The serial number (license number) is a key that unlocks the software and allows you to use the software after the 14-days evaluation period. All APSoft products support serial numbers and every product requires its own (unique) number.

There are two types of serial number that are supported by APSoft:

  • Old style 8-bytes S/Ns with expiration day on 1st of December 2004
  • New 12-bytes S/Ns with floating expiration date, depending on the S/N release date

The expiration day means that the serial number is valid for the current version of software (without any time limits) that you've bought, and for all updates during either 1 year after the shipment of current S/N (12-bytes numbers), or till 1st of December 2004 (8-bytes numbers).

After installation the software and getting a valid serial number from APSoft, you can type it in the special dialog box, which normally appears after the running of the program (for Windows applications), or after the special prompt from the MS-DOS applications. For example:

Windows applications:

MS-DOS applications:

Windows applications will check the S/N automatically, and if the number is valid, the 'Evaluate' button of dialog box will be automatically changed to 'OK' button. After that, you should press OK and software will be automatically registered on the computer. If the 'OK' button is not appeared, that means that either you did a mistake typing the serial number or the software treats the serial number as expired due to wrong date/time settings on the computer. Example:

For MS-DOS application, you should press 'Enter' after typing of serial number. If the S/N is correct, application starts and automatically registers itself. If the S/N is not correctly entered, the application will check if evaluation period is expired, and if no, will work as usual.

Tips for entering serial number correctly
  1. For Windows applications, we strongly recommend to do not type the serial number manually, but enter it using copy-paste from e-mail, that you get from APSoft Sales Department.
  2. Check the date/time settings on your computer, because software can tread S/N as expired due to wrong settings.
  3. 12-bytes numbers can be entered either with dashes ('-'), or without dashes. 8-bytes numbers should be entered without dashes.
  4. Please, pay attention that some different symbols in the serial number can look identically (i.e. O and 0 (zero), l (small L) and 1 (one), and so on).
  5. If the tips above do not help, please write an e-mail to In the e-mail, please specify the software version and the serial number, which you are trying to use to unlock the software.