Enabler fails to recognize the card on Compaq Armada M300 notebook
Description: A card is not recognized by enabler. Socket is not powered up.
Solution: The BIOS of this notebook configures ExCA Base Address Register to 0x7FFFE000 value. Click here to see full HTML report of this system.

For some reason, CardBus and ExCA registers can not be read through this address. By default, Enabler does not change the configuration of the Base Address Register. To reconfigure CardBus adapter settings created by BIOS, you will need to create an INI file and (optionally) pass it via /F:<filename> parameter to the enabler.

The example of INI file:

ExCABase = 0xD4000
CISBase = 0xD5000


[0:4:0] - PCI address of the socket in Bus/Device/Function format
ExCaBase - The value that will be written to CardBus/ExCA Base Address Register
CISBase - The value that will be used as an address of memory window for read attribute memory. This setting is required for an ATA of APA-1460 card only.