Adaptec SCSI Driver reports 'Not enough memory for all host adapters'
Description: In several situations Adaptec ASPI Drivers (ASPI2DOS.SYS for APA-1460 or ASPI8DOS.SYS for APA-1480 card) report an error:
'Not enough memory for all host adapters'

and refuse to load. This is usually happens when user tries to load Adaptec ASPI driver via DEVICEHIGH statement in CONFIG.SYS.

Explanation: During initialization, Adaptec drivers tries to check if the OS has enough memory for resident part of the driver. This check is performed improperly. This is a bug inside of Adaptec drivers. The bug is not related with functionality of APSoft Enablers.
Solution: Change statement DEVICEHIGH=ASPIxDOS.SYS /D in your CONFIG.SYS by DEVICE=ASPIxDOS.SYS /D (where x is 2 for APA-1460 or 8 for APA-1480 card correspondingly).