Adaptec SCSI Driver seems to hang starting on HP Omnibook 6200
Description: During the start of Adaptec driver ASPI8DOS.SYS seems to hang for very long time (2-5 mins). Then following error is reported:
'Unable to find any AIC-78xx/AIC-75xx
ASPI8DOS installation failed'
Reason: Improper PCI IRQ Routing table in notebook BIOS. Click here to see full HTML report of this system.
Explanation: After setting the IRQ, APA-1480 Enabler uses PCI BIOS to check if selected interrupt could be routed from the specified device. In case if PCI IRQ Routing table of the machine doesn't contain corresponding routing rule, APA-1480 Enabler will use PCI BIOS for update the PCI IRQ Routing table.

The HP Omnibook 6200 reports that IRQ routing from the socket exists, but in fact it doesn't. It seems that today many notebook manufacturers test new machines only with Windows OS neglecting PCI BIOS testing since Windows usually works via ACPI.

Solution: Add /FI switch to the Enabler command line.