Enabler fails to recognize ATA card on Sony PCG-SRX77 notebook
Description: Our customer Wilton (wilton@china.com) informed us that Enabler fails to recognize ATA card on Sony PCG-SRX77 notebook.

According to log files this notebook has two CardBus Adapters: TI1410 is used for internal wireless card and not accessible from outside and Ricoh R5C475 adapter with user-accessible socket.

We found that when ATA card is inserted in Ricoh socket,

Ricoh adapter doesn't power card on because adapter is not able determine what kind of card it is. In fact Present State CardBus register on Ricoh adapter shows:

CB PrState: 0x30000810

According to Ricoh's adapter datasheet:

Bit 7 NotACard When set (1), indicates that the type of card inserted could not be determined, the R5C475 does not supply the power to the card. This value does not have to be updated until a recognizable card (e.g. 16-bit PC Card or CardBus PC Card) is inserted.

It's kind of strange because Bits 5 and 4 of the same register indicate that 16-bit card is inserted.

Solution: We currently have no solution for this problem. We will appreciate if any of our customers can send us above notebook on loan for 2-3 days.