CardWare on computers with more as 1GB of the RAM

In order to support CardBus PC Card adapters and CardBus cards CardWare uses memory outside of the first GB of memory address space.

In order to access CardBus and ExCA registers of the socket adapter CardWare tries to allocated 4kB of memory for each socket. By default SSPCIC search any empty 4 KB of memory between 0x40000000 and 0x60000000 (i.e. 1GB and 1.5GB). If your computer has 1.5 GB of RAM or more you will need to shift this area to unused address space. You can change above limits via /RS and /RE parameters of SSPCIC. E.g. /RS:0x80000000 /RE:0xA0000000 will force SSPCIC.SYS search free memory between 2GB and 2.5GB.

In order to change above parameters, please proceed as follow:

  • Open config.sys with text editor.
  • Locate SSPCIC command line
  • Add /RS: and /RE: switches with corresponding values.
  • Reboot your computer