Why I can't erase Intel Series 2 card on O2Micro adapter? Why I can't write data to Intel Series 2 card on O2Micro adapter?
Synopsis: On a Computer with O2Micro CardBus Adapter after installation of CardWare Memory Cards Support for Windows 2000/XP, CardWare Memory Cards Viewer is not able to erase Intel Series 2 card or is not able to write on Intel Series 2 card.
Reason: CardBus adapters allow to set power to the card either via CardBus registers set or via so-called ExCA registers set. First method is somehow universal and could be used with both: CardBus cards and PC Cards-16. The second method could be used for PC Card-16 only. In theory for PC Card-16 both methods should lead to the same result. However some of PC Card-16 become non-functional or not fully functional when power is applied via CardBus registers set on certain CardBus adapters (e.g. O2Micro adapters).

It was found, that Microsoft PCMCIA.SYS driver always powers PC Card up via CardBus registers set. For some of PC Card-16 like Intel Series 2 cards it causes the problem: Intel Series 2 cards could be read, but not written or erased.

Solution: CardWare 7.0 for Windows 2000/XP and Server 2003 implements special work-around of Microsoft PCMCIA.SYS functionality on O2Micro CardBus adapters.