Why my SRAM card is not recognized by Windows? Why my SRAM card is not visible from Windows as a drive?
Synopsis: Windows 2000/XP does not recognize SRAM card insertion and does not show new drive in a file manager like Windows Explorer.
Reason: At card insertion Microsoft PCMCIA.SYS driver tries to detect the card by reading and parsing its CIS (Card Information Structure) from the card's Attribute memory. In case if card has no Attribute memory implemented, the data that are read by PCMCIA.SYS are actually data from card's common memory. PCMCIA.SYS does not recognize such problem and considers that CIS was read correctly. After reading CIS, PCMCIA.SYS tries to parse it and if CIS is not valid, PCMCIA disables the card.
Solution: CardWare 7.0 for Windows 2000/XP and Server 2003 implements special work-around of Microsoft PCMCIA.SYS functionality for memory cards without attribute memory or with damaged CIS.