Is there any way to disable creating CardWare profile?
Attention: APSoft do not recommend disable creation of CardWare profile. If you are disturb by appearance of hardware profiles menu at the boot time, you can modify delay of this menu using instructions.
Synopsis: CardWare setup creates copy of Original Windows 2000/XP hardware profile and names it as "CardWare Profile". It causes displaying "select profile" menu at startup of Windows. None of CardWare components will start if "Original Profile" is selected. CardWare creates separate profile to allow user
  • grab support data
  • uninstall/reinstall CardWare
  • ...
if system became unstable with CardWare.
Solution: CD version of CardWare:
  1. Open SETUP.INI to a text editor.
  2. Change CreateProfile option in the Misc section from 1 to 0
  3. Run CardWare setup

WEB package:

  1. Uninstall CardWare and reboot Windows
  2. Run CardWare.exe. When first dialog of CardWare setup is displayed ("Welcome"), find CardWare setup files in the temp directory (Document And Settings\%USERNAME%\Local Settings\Temp). It should be a directory with "PFT" prefix (f.e. pftB~tmp). NOTE: %USERNAME% must be changed on the name of current user
  3. Make copy of the directory.
  4. Press Cancel in the "Welcome" dialog and then "Exit Setup"
  5. Modify CreateProfile option in SETUP.INI
  6. Run SETUP.EXE and install CardWare