When I insert a PCMCIA Card in either slot 0 or 1, I always see the message "Failed:not configured" in the PC Card control AP display and the PC is always detecting new hardware without finding the appropriate software.
Synopsis: If start type of some services is set to manual or disabled via Services applet, driver setup procedure can be not started automatically
Reason: If Windows do not start setup of card driver, the card state will be always "not configured".
Solution: Check if
  1. \Windows\INF\CWMEM2K.INF and \Windows\System32\CW2KInst.dll are present
  2. Installing of unsigned drivers is enabled (Run System applet from Control Panel. Select Hardware tab. Click "Driver Signing" button. "What action do you want Windows to take?" option should be set to either "Ignore" or "Warn")
  3. Press "Device Manager" button from Hardware tab
  4. Right click on your card device and select "Update Driver"