Why I can't write or erase 12V Flash Cards (e.g. Intel Series 2) on certain notebooks with O2Micro CardBus Adapter (e.g. Fujitsu Siemens Lifebook C1110)
Synopsis: On certain notebooks (e.g. Fujitsu Siemens Lifebook C1110) CardWare is not able write or erase certain types of Flash cards (such as Intel Series 2). Neither, the CardWare Memory Cards Viewer nor PCDISK.EXE are not able erase or write to the card. All other CardWare functions are apparently working.
Reason: The PCMCIA organization has been pushing for removing 12V support. In fact some of our customers most recent designs have removed 12V either by shorting Vpp to Vcc or by simply connecting 12V input of the power switch to 5V. In either case, you will never get 12V on Vpp. Therefore Flash Cards that require 12V Vpp to write card (e.g. Intel Series 2) could be read, but not written or erased on such notebook.
Solution: There is no software solution for this issue. It's also not possible for CardWare detect such notebooks and warn user about. Please contact your notebook manufacturer for the information, if your notebook is able producing 12V Vpp. Please, use another notebook model to erase or program 12V Flash Cards.