Why my ATA/ATAPI card does not work under Windows 2000/XP, but it works under Windows NT 4.0?
Reason: All ATA cards (including Flash ATA) under any MS OS need an IRQ and such IRQ cannot be shared. If there are no free IRQ lines in the system, then ATA card will only be recognized, but it will be no disk device created for this card and card will not work. CardWare for Windows NT 4.0 does not need an IRQ, because it includes the ATA driver that works in polling mode with such cards. CardWare for Windows 2000/XP does not include ATA driver and uses the system's one. The standard Windows 2000/XP ATA driver does not support polling mode and cannot work with the ATA card without assigned IRQ.
Solution: Either make an IRQ free by removing any other device, or use CardWare for Windows NT 4.0.
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