ASUS PCI-SC875 SCSI adapter (SymBIOS Logic Inc / LSI Inc 53C875/6, 875XS/D, 2280X Ultra-Wide-SCSI Adapter) prevents recognition of PC Cards
Reason: Improper decoding of memory addresses by ASUS PCI-SC875 SCSI Adapter. This adapter is in fact SymBIOS Logic Inc / LSI Inc 53C875/6, 875XS/D, 2280X Ultra-Wide-SCSI Adapter (PCI Vendor ID = 0x1000, Device ID = 0x000F).

During the initialization adapter install SCSI BIOS usually at address 0xD0000. The adapter BIOS claims that SCSI BIOS requires only 2kB of the memory. However it was found that an entire 0xD0000-0xDFFFF is decoded by this adapter.

Story: One of our customers Luc Van Zandycke ( contacted our Technical support with complain that CardWare for Windows NT doesn't work on his new machine. His problem was "CardWare does not recognize inserted PC Card. As usually we tried to shift CIS access window on his PC, but w/o success. "I have no memory left anymore and it is still not working" Luc wrote.

Few days later Luc found that CardWare works just fine if he starts his system w/o SCSI adapter. Later one we checked that SCSI adapter was not configured to use any memory address in the first megabyte of memory.

The ASUS SCSI adapter uses Symbios Logic (NCR) (LSI Logic) 53C875/6, 875XS/D, 2280X Ultra-Wide-SCSI Adapter core (Vendor ID: 0x1000, Device ID: 0x000F).

Solution: You need exclude an entire 0xD0000-0xDFFFF range from CardWare use via CardWare resource manager as described above. You also need to include another memory block for be used by CardWare. An exact address of such block will be machine specific. On our client machine it was 0xCC000-0xCFFFF. Just check your BIOS for an available block of memory which is not shadowed and not occupied by other devices.