Message "Error. File not found: ..\disk1\README.TXT" appears during the installation.
Reason:You placed copy of CardWare installation disks into C:\CardWare directory and kept default settings inside of CardWare installation program.
Explanation:By default CardWare installs into C:\CardWare directory. If you unzipped cwdw.exe WEB package into C:\CardWare (C:\CardWare\Disk1, C:\CardWare\Disk2, C:\CardWare\Disk3) and did not change default CardWare installation directory (C:\CardWare) inside of CardWare installation program (Install.exe or Setup.exe), then you practically install from C:\CardWare to C:\CardWare. This is not a problem for compressed files because compressed files have different extension, but first non-compressed file (e.g. Readme.txt) will cause a problem.
Solution: Unzip cwdw.exe WEB package into any other directory on your hard disk. E.g. C:\APSoft.