Socket Services display Warning: "Unable to automatically assign PCI IRQ"
Reason: If you are using CardBus PC Card adapter the BIOS of your computer is responsible for assign IRQ to all sockets of your adapters. Unfortunately many BIOS will not initialize CardBus adapter at all.

As work-around CardWare provides several switches which could correct the problem (/AP, /PI). The /AP switch will try to assign socket interrupt automatically selecting the best supported IRQ from PCI IRQ routing table. The /PI switch allow to force IRQ selected by user.

In many case both /AP and /PI switches need modify PCI IRQ routing table. This operation is not possible at all if your PCI BIOS is older then version 2.1. But even if BIOS supports 2.1 specification in many cases it may do not support modification of PCI IRQ routing table. In this case you will be getting the above Warning.
Another case when this warning can appear is computer using APIC instead of PIC and working with IRQ numbers above 15.The /AP and /PI switches may work improperly on few of such systems if your CardWare version is dated prior to January 15, 2000.

Solution: In many case you can simply ignore this warning. In fact CardWare requires PCI IRQ working in one of three cases:
  1. CardBus card support
  2. Support of CardBus adapter not connected to ISA interrupts (rare case of few desktops with PC Card reader)
  3. Support of 16-bit PC cards which support only pulse IRQ (extremely rare case)

Therefore if you do not plan use CardBus cards most likely you can ignore the warning. Otherwise the best method to resolve the issue is BIOS update. Please specify that you need CardBus support when you order update.

If none of above helps and you really need PCI IRQ support you may contact us, but please be prepared to ship us your hardware for testing.