CardWare fails on Dell Latitude X200
Reason: Most of today's notebooks reserve memory range 0xD0000 - 0xDFFFF for PC Card supports. For this reason, all CardWare versions and all Enablers default to use this address range. Unfortunately Dell Latitude X200 notebook reserves memory range 0xD0000 - 0xD7FFF for build-in devices. Therefore CardWare and Enablers will not work with default settings.
Solution: For all enablers you should add /M:0xD8000 parameter into command line.

For CardWare for DOS you should move used memory from default address 0xD0000 to address 0xD8000.

  1. First modify MEM setting in the [Resources] section of CardWare.ini from MEM=0xD0000,0x8000,E to MEM=0xD8000,0x8000,E.
  2. Then modify memory range excluded from EMM386.EXE in your config.sys from X=D000-D7FF to X=D800-DFFF. It's very important that memory allocated for CardWare in cardware.ini is entirely excluded from EMM386.EXE.

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