CardWare for DOS/Windows 3.xx doesn't recognize my card
Definition: CardWare do not recognize card means that you are hearing only one beep on insertion. When you execute DOSCARD in DOS-Window DOSCARD shows "Unable to get the card name".
Reason: There is two possible reasons for this problem using 16-bit card:
  1. The memory window used for card access is either shadowed or used by another device.
  2. Memory allocated for CardWare is not excluded from EMM386.EXE or another memory manager
  3. Invalid external power switch clock settings by BIOS (only if your computer is using Texas Instruments PC Card Adapter 12xx, 14xx or TI44xx.
  1. First of all check which PC Card adapter is used. SSPCIC.EXE will show adapter name during the driver load.
  2. Check your BIOS settings for shadowed memory. By default CardWare allocates memory from 0xD0000 till 0xD7FFF for PC Cards. If this memory is shadowed, card will not be recognized.
  3. Check if you have any other device. For example memory range 0xD000-0xD3FFF is in use on several Dell and Compaq platforms (e.g. Compaq E500). You may use any commercial diagnostic program for check it.
  4. On any CardBus adapter, try to play with /IB parameter:
    1. In your config.sys locate SSPCIC line and add /IB:0,ON to this line.
      E.g. DEVICEHIGH = C:\CardWare\SSPCIC.EXE /AP:on /VS:auto /EC:auto /II:off /MX:off /IB:0,ON
    2. Please reboot the system.
    3. If /IB:0,ON parameter did not help, please replace /IB:0,ON with /IB:0,OFF
      E.g. DEVICEHIGH = C:\CardWare\SSPCIC.EXE /AP:on /VS:auto /EC:auto /II:off /MX:off /IB:0,OFF
    4. Please reboot the system.
  5. On TI 12xx, TI14xx and TI44xx play with clock settings:
    • Open Config.sys. Locate DEVICE(HIGH)=SSPCIC.EXE ... line.
    • Change /EC:AUTO to /EC:ON or /EC:OFF and click OK (please click on '?' icon for help)
    • Reboot the system
  6. Try to shift CIS access window (for 16-bit cards)
    • For change CardWare memory are you should modify MEM setting in the [Resources] section of CardWare.ini from MEM=0xD0000,0x8000,E to e.g. MEM=0xD4000,0x8000,E.
    • You also should modify memory range excluded from EMM386.EXE in your config.sys from X=D000-D7FF to e.g. X=D400-DBFF. It's very important that memory allocated for CardWare in cardware.ini is entirely excluded from EMM386.EXE.
    • Reboot the system

You may need to repeat those steps several time before suitable window is located.