CardWare Service (CWSERV) doesn't start
  1. Some components (e.g. LAN support) was installed from the original NT disk after Service pack installation
  2. You are running on multi-homed computer (with more as one LAN card).
    During startup CardWare service needs to connect to RPC (Remote Procedure Call). By default CardWare is trying to do it 10 times. On some PCs due to multiple LAN cards + DHCP the RPC API is busy long time and 10 retries are not enough. The /SR parameter may be used increase number of retries
Solution: As first try please reapply service pack.

On multi-homed computer you may need open REGEDT32, go to


and Edit setting

CommandLine REG_SZ: /SR:n

where n - is variable that you need to find for your computer. It will be probably 15 - 30.

Please restart your computer after this.