Computer hangs after ATA card inserted
Reason: The I/O range assigned to ATA card may conflict with another hardware device unknown by NT.
  1. "Start" Button--->"Run..."---> type "net stop PCDISK"
  2. "Start" Button --->"Run..."---> type "net stop PCATA"
  3. Insert ATA card (no identification will be made)
  4. Run DOSCARD /D and notice assigned I/O range (CardWare uses no IRQ)
  5. Remove ATA card
  6. Open PCCARD / Options / User Level. Change User Level to Expert
  7. PCCARD / Options / Resource Manager / -> Exclude above I/O range (Press F1 if you need help)
  8. Insert ATA card (no identification will be made)
  9. Run DOSCARD /D and check if assigned I/O changes
  10. "Start" Button --->"Run..."---> type "net start PCATA"
  11. If computer no hangs -"Start" Button --->"Run..."---> type "net start PCDISK"
Reason:Improper I/O processing in some hardware implementations.
Solution: You may change ATA devices from default I/O to memory-only mode:
  1. In registry go to \registry\machine\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\PCENABLE\LogicalDevices.
  2. Change record:
    5 = REG_SZ ATA, ,, , 0x10, 0xFFFF,, ,3,, , 3
    5 = REG_SZ ATA, ,0x1000, , , 0xFFFF,, ,3,, , 3
  3. Reboot computer
Reason: Improper IRQ generation in some hardware implementations.
In CardWare environment IRQ is not used for ATA support and should be disabled.
On some TI 12xx based CardBus adapters the disabled IRQ continue to be generated.
Solution: We implemented work-around of this problem starting from CardWare for Windows NT 6.00.029. Please make sure to upgrade your CardWare to the newest version if you experiencing this problem.