KMODE_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED occurs SSPCIC.SYS when notebook is docked
Reason: Several Notebook manufacturers design the dock station as PCI bus connected to the notebook via PCI-2-PCI bridge. There is 2 types of bridges: with subtractive (negative) and positive decoding. The PCI-2-PCI bridge with positive decoding decodes only addresses that fit to the bridge memory and I/O filter windows. The PCI-2-PCI bridge with subtractive decoding decodes all address cycles.

By default when CardWare detects that CardBus adapter is located behind of PCI-2-PCI bridge CardWare assumes that bridge uses positive decoding and tries to adjust PCI-2-PCI bridge memory and I/O filters to cover CardBus card resources.

Several manufacturer however uses in system design PCI-2-PCI bridge with subtractive decoding (e.g. Toshiba Desk Station V Plus, Compaq ArmadaStationEM). Any attempt to adjust memory or I/O filter on such bridge causes Kernel mode exception in Windows NT.

Fortunately CardWare is very flexible product and provides an easy work-around via command line switch.

Solution:Add switch /IB:1 to SSPCIC command line. For doing this:
  1. Start PCCARD.EXE
  2. In Options menu choose User Level and turn User Level to Expert
  3. In Options menu choose Load Control and add /IB:1 switch at the end of SSPCIC.SYS command line
If you are sure that your notebook enumerates PCI buses properly you may in addition add /BE:off switch