NT reports that one service failed startup after SCSI PC Card is installed
Reason: Windows NT 4.0 will always try to start installed SCSI driver. Even if driver is set to manual start NT will try to start it. Since SCSI card is often not inserted at BOOT time, the driver will not detect "his" hardware and will not start. Then error message "At least one service failed ..." will appear.
Solution: The best solution is to request from the card manufacturer the driver which is able to handle hot-swapping properly.

As work around we can recommend to locate driver record (xxxxxx - driver name, e.g. "sparrow" for Adaptec SlimSCSI 1460C) in
Then change ErrorControl value from 1 to 0. ErrorControl values are defined as follow:

  #define SERVICE_ERROR_IGNORE    0x00000000
  #define SERVICE_ERROR_NORMAL    0x00000001
  #define SERVICE_ERROR_SEVERE    0x00000002
  #define SERVICE_ERROR_CRITICAL  0x00000003