Cannot access CD-ROM with CardWare NT and SCM ISA PC-CARD adapter
Reason:IRQ conflict on the secondary IDE channel.
Story: During past year we got several reports that SCM ISA PC-CARD controller prevents devices connected to the second IDE channel from normal functioning. During the long time we was not able to reproduce the problem in our lab. Now the wait is over. Thanks to our customer Krautkramer GmbH & Co. oHG (, special thanks to Mr. Huu Dung Nguyen) we finally got the platform exhibiting the problem.

The entire problem seems to be due to the interaction between Vadem-469 revision 8D and certain (not all) types of IDE controllers. It's also possible that problem depend from the system architecture.

We figured out that secondary IDE channel stops to work when CardWare simply initialize registers 2-7 to zero during startup of the SSPCIC driver. We have no explanation why it happens: the same procedure works fine on any other PC Card controller and even on the same adapter inserted into another PC.

However the problem is fixed now.

Solution: In order to fix the problem you will have to update CardWare NT to version 6.00.023 (this version should be released by the first half of September.