What is /IB parameter?
Definition: The /IB parameter controls how Socket Services allocates resources for sockets, which are located behind PCI-2-PCI bridges.

mNumber PC Card adapter
onall filters on parent PCI-2-PCI bridges will be ignored. This means that resources for socket will be allocated the same way as it is located on PCI Bus 0.
offResources for socket will be allocated inside of filters on parent PCI-2-PCI bridge(s)
autoA default setting for this parameter. CardWare will automatically detect type of parent PCI-2-PCI bridge(s). If bridge uses a Subtractive Decoding (a bridge which passes all memory and I/O requests behind), then filters on that bridge will be ignored. If bridge uses a Positive Decoding (a bridge passes memory and I/O requests only within an assigned address range), then resources will be allocated inside filters on the bridge.