// File     :  80862652.PCD
// Vendor   :  8086 Intel
// Device   :  2652 SATA Controller Registers
// Copyright (c) APSoft, 2004

include 80862651.pcd

dword at 24h RO = ABAR - AHCI Base Address Register
    ?When the MAP.MV register is programmed for combined mode (00b), this
    ?register is RO. Software is responsible for clearing this bit before
    ?entering combined mode. The ABAR register must be set to a value of
    ?0001_0000h or greater.
 0     r =Resource Type Indicator (RTE)
        ?Hardwired to 0 to indicate a request for register memory space.
 1:2   r =Type (TP)O
        ?Indicates that this range can be mapped anywhere in 32-bit address space.
 3     r =Prefetchable (PF)
        ?Indicates that this range is not pre-fetchable
 4:9     =Reserved
 10:31 rw=Base Address (BA)
        ?Base address of register memory space (aligned to 1 KB)