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A Short Description of DMIScope

DMIScope Useful Functionalities

DMIScope shows detailed information contained in the System Management BIOS (SMBIOS) that is also known as DMI BIOS. The main window (click on image for magnify it) shows SMBIOS information as a collection of SMBIOS data structures.

Main window screenshoot

Each SMBIOS data structure can be viewed as a list of data fields, a string table, a text report or a binary dump.

string table

Text report

DMIScope gives you a possibility to write SMBIOS (DMI) information. For example, you may change system serial number:

Note: Updating of DMI information must be supported by a motherboard.

Whether your platform is able to update DMI information? DMIScope will test it and display a list of data fields that can be written.

A text report is useful to copy SMBIOS information via clipboard into other applications.

With the help of the Hardware Debugger you can read/write to system memory,

Hardware debugger window

I/O ports and PCI registers. For your convenience a command set of the Debugger is compatible with command sets of most popular debuggers.

A possibility to save SMBIOS information to a file allows you to explorer SMBIOS on remote computers and to create a collection of SMBIOS snapshots as well as compare SMBIOS information.

Save snapshoot dialog