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What is new in version 2.00.022

Attention: DMIScope was designed for computer specialists only. Unskilled usage of DMIScope may cause malfunction of your computer.

Overview: What is DMIScope?
DMIScope is a powerful tool designed to explore the System Management BIOS (SMBIOS) also known as DMI BIOS.

Some implementations of SMBIOS contain vendor specific information. DMIScope gives you the unique possibility to add descriptions of such structures via simple text file. Click here to see an example of the file with definitions of the "BIOS Information" structure.

Does your motherboard support the updating of SMBIOS (DMI) information at a run time?
DMIScope will test your SMBIOS (DMI BIOS) for write capability and allow to modify that information. Do you need to customize some SMBIOS data, for example system serial number? DMIScope will help you.

Due to extended automation interface, DMIScope is an ideal tools for automatic creation of Hardware inventories, computers database and so one inside of large organizations.

DMIScope help system contains a detailed description of all standard DMI data structures and access mechanisms in accordance to latest version of SMBIOS Reference Specification.

  • DMIScope shows all SMBIOS information in different formats:
    - List of SMBIOS structures and fields
    - Text report
    - String table for every SMBIOS structure
    - Binary dump
  • Open format of SMBIOS structures stored in a text file allows easy modification and addition of new structures.
  • A possibility to save SMBIOS information to a file is useful for exploring remote machines and creating a collection of SMBIOS snapshots.
  • A possibility to compare SMBIOS information.
  • DMIScope Console Agent allows to display and modify SMBIOS structures from DOS box / Win32 console.
  • DMIScope Automation support allows to access SMBIOS structures from Java and VBasic scripts.
  • A built-in hardware debugger gives an immediate access to PC hardware without a need to install a separate debugger program.
  • DMIScope is designed to run on all modern Windows platforms.

Click here for a description of DMIScope usage.

Product NameDMIScope
CategorySoftware Engineering tool
Supported PlatformsWindows NT 4.0|95|98|2000|ME|XP (x86,x64)|Server 2003|Vista (x86,x64)|7 (x86,x64)|Server 2008 (R2)|8.x|Server 2012 (R2)|10 (x86,x64)|11
RequirementsInternet Explorer 5.0 or higher. You will need an administrator account under Windows NT 4.0 or later OS to use DMIScope