Purchase Options

You can order all our product by fax or regular mail directly from APSoft. For future convenience we provide an APSoft Fax Order Form.

Please notice that all fax orders are executed in 24 hours. If you received no e-mail confirmation from us during 24 hours we either did not receive your fax or your anti-spam filter of your mail system filtered our message out. In such case please contact us by phone +49 (8073) 928 0 or e-mail mailto:sales@tssc.de.

Our price list is located at http://www.tssc.de/products/price.aspx.

Please notice that most of our products are sold in "try and buy" mode. Therefore APSoft accepts neither product return nor exchange. We are strongly recommending all customers try product before purchase.

None of our reseller is selling upgrades. Upgrades are available only directly from APSoft. Our support and upgrade policies are published at http://www.tssc.de/web/policies.aspx.