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CardWare 7.0 for Windows NT 4.0

What is new in version 7.00.010

Full PC Card Services for Microsoft Windows NT

Check our upgrade policy for CardWare prior to CardWare 7.0.

CardWare for Windows NT is a complete PC Card software package for the Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 environment. CardWare 7.0 offers the full plug-n-play functionality for Windows NT 4.0. All cards including Modem, LAN, SCSI, SRAM, FLASH, ATA could be inserted and removed at any time without system restart.

For memory cards CardWare 7.0 supports any number of disk partitions per media with any file system recognized by Windows NT. Required drive letters are created "on-fly". CardWare for Windows NT supports Media Technology Drivers (MTDs). CardWare provides MTDs for most popular media technologies. SRAM, ATA, and most popular flash technologies ( Intel, AMD, Fujitsu, Hyundai, etc).

CardWare for Windows NT supports the Flash Translation Layer (FTL) standard and allow migration from Microsoft Flash Filing System II (FFS2) format to FTL. For embedded applications, CardWare supports raw data transfer to and from any storage card media. This support allows users to transfer data generated by many data logging machines to their hard drive (and vice versa).

CardWare 7.0 supports up to 4 dissimilar PC-Card controllers with up to 4 sockets each. CardWare 7.0 supports PC-Card 16 and CardBus cards in any combination, including CardBus multi-function cards. All major technologies including ZV-port, DMA and hot-docking. Please contact us if like implement hot-dock support under Windows NT 4.0.

CardWare 7.0 is compatible with SystemSoft PowerProfiler and, on some platforms, with Microsoft LAPTOP.SYS power management. Support of other power manager software is available on request.

CardWare 7.0 for Windows NT 4.0 is fully compatible with native NT PC Card support, including Control Panel PC Card applet and various Microsoft utilities.

CardWare 7.0 Advisor will help to resolve resource conflicts and will notify you on many problems automatically.

Friendly user-interface provides simple, but powerful control of various aspects of PC Card subsystem.

CardWare Architecture
CardWare 7.0 is truly 32-bit software product deeply embedded into Windows NT structure. Figure 1, below, shows the architecture of CardWare for Windows NT.

Socket Services drivers (SSxxxx) provide direct hardware support of the system host controller (PC Card adapter). Card Services (PCCS) provide resource arbitration and PC Card access services. Generic I/O PC Card recognition and enabling is provided by the generic enabler (PCENABLE). General storage card (e.g., SRAM, ATA, and FLASH) support and file system interfacing is provided by the storage card enabler (PCDISK). Memory Technology Drivers (MTDs) provide support for specific storage card media types. Finally, the PC Card Control user interface ties all of these together into a place where users can see what is happening and understand how the OS is enabling their PC Cards for them.

Figure 1. CardWare for Windows NT Architecture

CardWare 7.0 is a "must" for mobile NT platform
Many corporations, MIS managers, and solution providers see Windows NT 4.0 as the operating system of choice for mobile users, providing both the power they need and easy connectivity with the base office. Up to now, however, neither the core Windows NT operating system nor any third parties offer any complete PC Card technology support under Windows NT. If you need mobile Windows NT platform - you need CardWare 7.0 for Windows NT 4.0
Product NameCardWare 7.0 for Windows NT 4.0
CategoryFull PCMCIA Support Solution
Supported PlatformsWindows NT 4.0 with Service Pack 6
RequirementsInternet Explorer 5.0 or higher.