Samples common for Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP/Server 2003

These samples can be run on any of listed 32-bit Windows platforms where CardWare 7.0 is installed.

Console Sample

Simplest console application which

  1. Register Card Services client
  2. Trace callback to the DOS-Box screen
  3. Deregister Card Services client during unload

Bulk Sample

This is future development of the Console sample Additionally to the Console sample this application watch for insertion of memory cards and display first 512 bytes of the first memory region. Please notice, that term "Memory card" in this context correspond to the card with physical or virtual memory region (i.e. includes ATA, FLASH or SRAM). Please also notice, that application will only work if the MTD driver for corresponding memory technology is load. The application demonstrates techniques for region enumeration and access of Bulk memory services.

Bulk 2 Sample

This is future development of the Bulk sample Additionally to the Bulk sample this application writes small pattern to the offset 0 of the memory (including ATA, FLASH or SRAM) card, read and display modified region, write the original contents back, read back and compare. Although the whole test is non-destructive, please use with care. If any of functions fail, your data may be destroyed.