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A Short Description of VxDView

Main window

Symbol '*' marks 16-bit procedures.

"Refresh" button. Use this button for refresh information in VXD list. VxDView will rescan and show updated information.

"Save..." button. Use this button for save collected information to an file.

"More..." button. Use this button for show VXD properties dialog. For static VXD's properties dialog haven't module properties tab.

List of VxD's

All VxD's represented in this list. List contains nine columns:

# - Ordinal number of VxD
Name - Name of VxD module
Version - Version of VxD module
DDB - Address of Device Data Block
Control - Address of control procedure.
V86 API - Address of Virtual 86 mode API
PM API - Address of Protected Mode API
Services - VXD services